Monday, 19 May 2008

Events in town

It has been really nice having a whole weekend without getting on the internet. The funny thing is if I hadn't had internet access, I would have missed it every second.

Saturday evening was spent at the International Conference Centre for the ICT Awards where SQB had been nominated for an award but unfortunately did not win. In between the awards we were treated to some entertainment, african drums and dancing, at times very acrobatic.

On Sunday uncle T was celebrating his birthday at Ben Brako's guest house (Obuama or Boama lodge, can't remember) in Prampram/Ningo.

As always it was lovely to be there, although the walk on the beach just showed that it is now even dirtier than a few months ago when we had our party.

It's fun when a few things happen during the weekend, unfortunately a lot of things happen at the same time. Most of us who went for the awards would also have love to go to the Richard Bona concert, but by the time the awards were over, we were exhausted and the concert was probably also coming to an end. K and I have earlier discussed the difficulty in finding out what's happening in Accra. I complained about this to SQB and it turns out he has a website that tries to tackle this problem. He said that he hoped people would contribute to the website with their own tips and updates on what's going on, but so far the response hasn't been great. So if you know of any events or want to find out about things happening, please check out, I've already seen a few interesting things. It seems to cover events not only in Ghana, but Ghana-related events abroad as well, e.g. kente-cloth festival in New York (I'm jealous, it's sounds fun).


The Author said...

Still making the best of every second in your weekend, huh? And I will check out the interesting-sounding

Anonymous said...

Great work.


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