Sunday, 4 May 2008


Whilst doing my usual bit of blogsurfing I was reminded of the fact that plants and trees are just about in full blossom in Sweden now. It reminded me of a class trip to Crete some time ago. We left on the 30th of April and returned on the 6th May. When we left, the trees (in my garden at least) were still bare, the whole area was slightly grey actually. When we returned only seven days later, it was like coming back to another city as all of Gothenburg was covered in white, yellow and light pink flowers on a background of clear blue sky. The apple, pear and plum trees in my garden where overflowing with green leaves and baby-pink flowers.

This also reminds me of lilac (syrener) that have such a short blooming period, if you blink you may miss it, but f you don't miss it, it's such a wonderful experience. The scent, the colours, white, pink and of course, lilac and the fun of sucking/blowing out the honey centre of the flower.

Most surprisingly though I realised that at this time ten years ago, I was most likely wandering the streets of Chania, Crete probably with M, J, K and A. Ten years already! I'm sure all this will be discussed at our big class reunion in a month's time, unfortunately planned on a date I couldn't make it. The first reaction of course is how time flies. But when I think about it, I have changed enormously in that time, so have my friends and my life situation.

So, for thought of the day: What has been the most important change in your life since May 1998?


N said...

Can you imagine it will be 10 years since 'studenten'!! Time sure does fly, through good times and bad times... N

Maya said...

I know! It's almost hard to remember what life was like back then.


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