Wednesday, 21 May 2008


I just read this and thought I should pass it on. For those of us who try and sometimes actually do things to protect our environment, this is a great invention. At first I thought of all the extra energy that will be wasted when charging the battery through the laptop, but as long as you're actually working on the laptop surely no extra energy is being used?

I wish these had been around back in the London days. After a childhood of always throwing batteries away in special battery boxes for recycling, in London I never knew what to do with them. Since I just couldn't make myself throw them in the normal bin, I'd save them and take them with me to Gbg! I can't remember throwing them there either, so there's most likely a bag of batteries hiding in an attic in Kungssten...

Whilst I am linking away, I might as well send you this article and probably give you your best laugh of the day. As Dee said when she sent it to me, it's not so much the story that's hilarious (it's actually gross when you think about it) but what the man does and says when he discovers the culprit. Enjoy!

Just realised I've written over 100 posts. Wow, maybe it's time to publish my own blook, lol! I have to remind myself though that all the blabbering that goes on here means that I have probably achieved more in quantity than quality.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Couldn't link to the link. lol. about achieving a century of posts, i assure you that the mental process behind your posts is top notch!

Maya said...



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