Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Apparently Jessica Alba and Cash Warren got married two days ago. They're expecting their first child, a daughter, in June. I actually feel a bit disappointed, what is it with celebs (or is it just the American way?) that as soon as they get pregnant they need to rush it down the aisle.

In today's modern world, are people still that scared to have a 'bastard' baby? I assume that's what it is as it has happened so many times before. Beyoncé's sister (not a celeb in my opinion but will satisfy for the purposes of this 'study') had a quickie wedding and about six months later her baby was born. If I remember correctly Gwynteh Paltrow and Chris Martin also got married in the early stages of pregnancy. Just a few weeks ago Beyoncé and JayZ got married, followed by Ashlee Simpson and, er, Pete Wentz(?)(I'm having to stretch my celeb knowledge further than I'd like to here). Both couples have since been showered with pregnancy rumours.

With all that goes on in La La land, drugs, cosmetic surgeries, Hugh Hef and his girls, do they really need to protect us from such a scandalous thing as having a baby out of wedlock?! WHat century are we living in?!?

I don't see how these couples actually think a wedding will in any way change the social status of their baby. I feel like shouting at them, "you were pregnant before the wedding, the jig is up!"

To me, it actually questions their real commitment as I can't help but wonder whether they would actually have married if it wasn't for the coming child. 'Shotgun weddings' seem to be just that, a quick cover-up for a 'sinful' existence. I have more respect for those who choose to stay unmarried, perhaps marrying after the birth of the baby, when they are emotionally ready for such a commitment (and of course, respect to those who were married before they had children).

Maybe it's just me and my Swedish ways, the damage ;) caused by growing up in the land of co-habitation, but it all seems a bit rushed to me. What do you think?

I'm going to think over this a bit more as I have a burger at Frankies with Dirty (from now on to be referred to as Dee, she doesn't like the Dirty)


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Maybe pregnancy just puts certain things and doubts in perspective for tehm. Maybe it is a positive decider for them.

Maya said...

Yeah, I guess that could be it, hope that's the reason why. Hadn't seen it from that perspective before.
Meanwhile, I am still waiting for a new post from you!


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