Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Exotic treats

Sometimes when you've been in Ghana for too long, it's easy to forget the amazing things we have here that we should feel fortunate to enjoy. I realised that this morning and felt I had to take a photo of my breakfast (I'm becoming a true blogger!). Now I'm not writing this to läska (tease/tempt) you, ok, maybe a litte ;), it just looked so pretty and was delicious and filling that I felt compelled to show it off.

The breakfast was beautifully prepared by moi and consisted of mango, pawpaw/papaya, banana, vanilla yoghurt and papaya juice. All the fruits was bought from the lady who has a fruit and veg stand at the gym. I've always walked past her but after looking over her stall today I have to recommend her, all the fruit and veg looked good, nothing rotten in sight, and she has the biggest mangoes I've seen in a while (that's the fruit I'm talking about, nothing else!). I bought a huge avocado as well, but that will be devoured later.

In Sweden such a breakfast would only be possible with good planning, after buying rock hard mangoes from Billhälls (sorry, it's Hemköp now), waiting a week for it to ripen by the heater (ok, now I'm just teasing) and hoping the other fruits would ripen at the same time.

While on the subject of fruit, my mum has really gotten into using the juicer I bought her for Christmas. Since March we always have freshly squeezed juice at home and this weekend I managed to solve two domestic problems:
1) What to do with all the leftover plastic bottles from all the yoghurts I buy (the recycler is in me, it pains me to throw such things away)
2) How to practically freeze the juice as it spoils too quickly if we leave it in the fridge.

Now the juice has filled almost all of my yoghurt bottles, only those seen below are left.

Recycling has come to Ghana... for now, found in a little corner of Tema.


Tigger said...

ooo jag vill också ha din goda frukost.... :) kram

The Author said...

Still loving the food huh? The pic is good. you forgot to mention that the second plate and set of glasses are for your mom. did you gorge yourself on all that?


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