Thursday, 8 May 2008

Crime Trends

Funny how everything follows a trend pattern, even crime. About fifteen years ago racial crime was on the increase in Sweden. Every so often, you’d here of a foreigner being chased, kicked and beaten up by skinheads, sometimes to death (remember the Klippan murder?).

Then there were women disappearing and later found dead after being sexually molested. At one time, around 1996/97 rape was rife in Gothenburg, so much so that the early morning jogs in Ruddalen had to stop.

Some countries are also known for certain crimes. Belgium is now seen as a land of paedophiles, by now we all know better than to visit a cellar in Austria and what most people probably don’t know is that Sweden is high on the list of countries in which hedersmord (honour-killings) occur. Hedersmord is the name given to the killing of women, generally of Muslim background when they are killed by their brothers, fathers or uncles for causing their family shame. Nigeria is known worldwide for 419s and in West Africa it is also known for advanced armed robberies.

As of yet, I am proud that Ghana isn’t known for any particular crime, mostly it’s known for kind and hardworking people, but even here there are patterns. About 18 months ago, one too many friends or friends-of-a-friend were attacked by robbers, making us all feel a bit scared. A year ago someone actually told me that the next crime to hit Ghana would be kidnapping as it was all the rage in Nigeria. Not knowing whether to fret or laugh at the notion of kidnapping being mentioned as lightly as this season’s must-have accessory, all I can do is be grateful that that “trend” hasn’t hit as yet and hopefully never will.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Been thinking for some time of voicing my inner fears on crime. But now you have done it and done it beautifully too. I am afraid crime has become a feature of our daily lives. These days if we get back home at night without more than a black eye from a slap or a 2 millimetre knife wound, we should be thankful for going through the UNSCATHED! :-(

Maya said...

So sad but true. How do we change it?


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