Friday, 16 May 2008

New Job

Yay! The poet is back with his comments, I have missed you for the last few days, my friend. I will reply in the comments section, but for now I'll answer your request of feelings starting a new job.

I am only on my second day of work and already I feel a difference. First of all, let me explain what the new job is. I have been employed as the manager/executive assistant to the CEO of an up-and-coming media company. Basically my job duties entail supervising everything and everybody, making sure targets are met and reporting to the CEO who wishes to be very much in the background. I am employed as a professional and already feel like one, as opposed to feeling like an employee.

Nobody will question whether I am ten minutes late for work or leave two hours early as it is assumed that the job will get done. I have been given targets/goalposts and it is for me to determine how to successfully reach them, then convey the same (i.e. the strategy and the results) to the CEO.

The main joy of work (I hope I'm not speaking too soon!) comes from having free hands to plan my work and being respected as an adult who will complete the tasks given, rather than being shown mistrust. Lesson to all you current or future employers out there, give your professional workers the respect and liberty required to undertake their duties and you'll find that they'll work better and show greater work spirit. After all, intelligent professionals know why they've studied for so long to get where they are and therefore do not wanted to be treated like teenagers trying to bunk off work at the local Burger King.

Now I have to draft some agreements and make a plan for next week, but I will definitely keep you updated on how I progress in the new job. It is wonderful when you feel your career take another step in the right direction!

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