Tuesday, 27 May 2008

A very Swedish African Union day

If you're wondering why I haven't been blogging it's because the weekend was good and long! Yesterday was African Union Day which is a holiday in Ghana. Before I get to yesterday I have to mention what happened on Thursday. Was meeting K at Koala to go and have dinner at Old Bob's Place (as per traditional directions that I mentioned earlier, that's Papaye Down and left) in Osu. When I was by Labone Junction, K calls me and says I should meet her at the Oxford street food court as there's a Swede there who knows me. The two minute ride there seemed so long as I was trying to figure out who it could be. Imagine my shock when I see T (well I know her as C, but she's shortened her name now), a woman who used to be married to a Ghanaian and has known me since I was very little. I haven't seen her or her family since the early nineties when they moved from Gothenburg to Gotland. But now T has moved to Ghana,she's been here since September and intends to stay!

When I told my mum she was here, she was equally excited so yesterday we spent with K, T and her son's friend A who's in Ghana for a few months, in Prampram (well, Ningo). It was actually a very cool day, but the water was clean (shock, horror), the sand was a lot cleaner than usual and K and I actually swam. Would love to write more, but have to leave work now and head to dinner with Dee and the Poetress. For once we're not doing sushi, but indecision seems to have hit us, where to go? You'll know tomorrow!


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