Wednesday, 21 May 2008

More baby talk.

Continuing on from the last post, Britney Spears' little sister has come out as the surprise rebel in the wedding-before-baby race. You'd expect her of all people, coming from that small town Christian family background to have rushed to the church as soon as the blue line appeared on her pregnancy test, but as far as I know there are no marriage plans yet. Respect to Jaime Lynn, sensible thinking in the midst of being a knocked up minor ;)

Speaking of babies, I just received some fantastic news from a friend, looks like there'll be more babies on the way soon! Dee, the poetress and I also have to meet up to plan M2B's baby shower and I shouldn't forget planning Mr T's girlfriend's baby shower as well. To think I'll be planning all the way over here, for a baby shower held in Gothenburg, for which I won't even make it :(

It actually feels a bit strange that Mr. T is about to have a baby and I won't have seen any of the pregnancy, I'll probably just arrive to see a few week's old freshly baked baby in a few month's time. Thanks to all the babies popping up around me, more and more questions are coming too, of the : "When will yours be coming?" or "You'll be next you know, *nudge* *nudge*" kind. Don't kid yourself, mine are not on the way yet, I am in no hurry just because others are having them, and I'm NOT as old as some uncles make me out to be!

Look out for more on this later, for now...back to work.

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