Monday, 28 July 2008

Elections 2008

Slowly slowly it's beginning to brew. The fever is rising at a steady pace. Since the end of last year we've heard talks of the elections, with all the parties selecting their flag-bearers. Every now and then a political statement will be made, or a former leader speaks out.

For the past few months more and more posters have been showing up, on lampposts, billboards and walls, asking us to vote for the 'better man for Ghana' or for the 'best man for Ghana'. But now I feel we're getting even closer to d-day. Every other hawker on the street is selling flags for us to display or choice of party in varying combinations of white, red, green, blue and black.

I can't wait. I look forward to, for the first time ever, experiencing the hype around elections. I can imagine the whole country reaching boiling point in discussions over who will be a better leader for Ghana. My parents experienced the 2000 elections and came back full of excitement, telling us all about the goings on during the campaign. At the time the country was ready for change, longing for a fresh wind to come and take over. Now, it's hard to tell. Will we get a new fresh start? Is that on offer, at all, by any of the parties? What will happen to our dear Ghana after the elections, will the country drastically change or remain the same?

What do we want?

I know what I want. Do you?


posekyere said...

Hi Maya,

Lovely post!
Ghanaians are going to have to sit down and make the hard choices for the good of the country. There are a lot at stake.
Depending on who Ghanaians decide on we can either enter the cherished promise land at a much faster rate or linger in the wilderness of underdevelopment for many untold years.
Even though I will not there to vote, I firmly believe that collectively we will be able to pick the right leader for the good of our children and their children.

Maya said...

Thanks Posekyere!

I completely agree with you! It feels like it will go one way or the other regarding development. Funnily enough, I am sure we all feel that way, no matter who we'll vote for. That is one of the many reasons I will not disclose who I wish to win the election here (unfortunately, I am not officially Ghanaian and can't vote).

The discussion is almost more interesting and constructive (and definitely less accusatory) when the focus is on what will be best for Ghana.

Sijui said...

Kudos to all Ghanaians!!!! This so far has been an impressive issues based campaign. The opposition has done commendably and the political maturity and savvy of Ghanaians is an example all Africans must emulate.......there is a reason Ghana was the first to attain independence but I digress.

I am proud that a genuine ideological divide is forming in Ghana....a mark of any deepening democracy. In closing, I'll make no bones about.....staunchly NPP and an avid supporter of Nana Akuffo Addo! Whomever wins I believe the country's institutions will hold and continue to strengthen.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Maya, haven't you wondered about how we only use the phrase/word flagbearer in Ghanaian English? It has always sounded too contrived for me.

More seriously, I am not really waiting for the buzz to hit the fever pitch. Some of the utterances are really scary, then.

Maya said...

On behalf of all Ghanaians, thanks Sijui! I only hope it stays calm and peaceful.

And for your sake, I hope the 'best man for a new Ghana' wins! ;)

Maya said...

Nana Yaw,
You have more experience witnessing Ghana elections than I do. What have you heard, what are you fearing?

So far, I have liked the mood. Not too much mud-slinging, no violence (touch wood) concerning political differences. Do you think it's set to change?

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

No, Maya, I do not expect that things will change, but truth is the country gets very tense near the elections (i mean tension of paramilitary proportions in certain places). I'd rather have the CAN2008 carnival mood all year round and every 4 years, too.

Maya said...

I see what your saying Nana Yaw, that sounds a bit worrying. Let's wait, see and hope for the best. Would be lovely if we could have the CAN2008 mood all year round!


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