Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Boob Juice 2

I have been reprimanded, and with all right. A woman in the know has given her feedback on breastfeeding, which I feel lay it all out, so I'll post part of it here (hope you don't mind!):

"...Picture this.....most newborns feed every 2-3 hours, NIGHT AND DAY round the clock, if you're lucky it is 3 hours.....1-2 hours is more likely, so imagine you're trying to run your regular errands and stay ahead of the curve in terms of the 1-2 hour feeding interval....and remember in between you have to handle diaper changes and potentially a gassy baby so in other words in between the 2 hour cycles, you must run errands, change poop, cuddle and pacify baby and be ready on the dot when that little one starts groping for the nipple AGAIN.....and then the cycle starts over PLUS YOU HAVE TO MAINTAIN SOME SENSE OF SANITY..."

The rest of the conversation follows in the comments. For now, all I can say is, as much as I whine about not getting enough sleep and all the noise that disturbs me when I'm trying to sleep, what will I do when there's a screaming, pooping, hungry baby around???

Still, that's still some year(s) away from now...


yngvild said...

Hej Sandra!

It was so nice to meet you and Kajsa last week (or when was it? :) ) Anyway, ill put a link to your blog on my blog if you dont mind. and i guess ill see you guys thursday!

Yngvild the norwegian

Sijui said...

pure adrenalin :)!!!!

Anyway, having a baby is wonderful BUT THERE ARE REAL MOMENTS when the physical, mental, emotional and spriritual exhaustion take their toll......and this happens quicly after the initial euphoria and excitement wear thin after weeks of sleep deprivation.

It can easily lead to depression and that is why my advice to friends and family IS ALWAYS seek and get a wonderful support network of friends, moms, grandmas, aunts, cousins you name it to cheer you on and reassure that its ALL RIGHT to feel overwhelmed. It does take a village to raise a child.

Maya said...

I hear that, no matter what you go through, the pains, the troubles, the sleepless nights, a smile from your baby can make it all go away. So I guess through the panic and fear, I still look forward to that day.

I think Ghana is also a good place to get 'the village' raising the child, here (compared to England and Sweden) it is much easier to get help and support from older women, be it grandmothers and aunties, who have been through it all before.

Will be coming to you for advice when it happens to me ;)

Maya said...

Hej Yngvild!

Really nice to meet you too. Checked out your blog last week, but my eyes were a little tired after reading Norwegian, lol! Don't mind at all, the more readers the merrier. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!


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