Saturday, 5 July 2008

Swedish debates

Catching up on the Swedish blogs over the past week or two tells me of a few debates going on. Maria Sveland, author of Bitterfittan (the bitter see-you-next-tuesday = C-U-..., if you catch my drift), has critised the nuclear family(Swedish link), which she herself is part of. Many bloggers are attacking what she's written and her pot-calling-kettle-black actions.

About a week ago, a child invited all his classmates but two to his birthday party. This has caused uproar with people attacking the family of encouraging bullying. Bloggers have between themselves debated as to whether one should be allowed to invite only a few classmates to parties, or should compulsorily invite all of them. This has raised further issues of how would it be managed financially by the family.

Two weeks ago, movie reviewer Hans Wiklund insulted every SATC lover by saying those who loved the movie ought to be given lower salaries and would be better off watching the Hulk (yes, you hear how sane and intelligent he himself sounds), and since then, well since the hype of SATC started, debates have been going on. Is SATC a feminist thing? Does it encourage too much materialism? How does it affect teenage girls? What image of the world is it giving them?

As I read about this topics, my head is screaming I-LANDS PROBLEM!!! (first world problems) And I can't help but smile at the thought of these issues being discussed in Ghana. Somehow, we're not quite there yet, where there is a constant over-analysis of life. I must say I feel a bit relieved.

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