Sunday, 6 July 2008

Lazy days

Another lazy Sunday in Tema and I can’t help but remember last Sunday’s events. K and I decided to treat our new friend to a typical Sunday in Tema. Well the plan was to let him try Omotuo (rice balls) and Groundnut soup for lunch at Agbamame, but the day became so much more than that.

While E and I waited for K to be ready for lunch, I gave him a tour of the city and realised the similarities to Gothenburg. There’s the village feel that clearly distinguishes it from the capital city, the green leafiness that reminds you that even if you’re in a city you’re close to nature. There’s the nice, quiet residential areas that are well separated from the grey, impersonal industrial area (never realised how much Industrial Area and the Harbour are like Hisingen). Then of course there’s the sea, the ocean that provides you with a breeze and fresh salty air even as you get to the inner parts of the city.

Anyway, I digress. We met K and her husband at Agbamame and sat to enjoy our food. After that I thought it would be perfect to have a drink at Ave Maria (formerly Tema Beach Club). On our way there in my car, we realised the road was too muddy to drive through, but we saw a drier patch on the grass, by the side of the road. Well, it was only once we were in it that we realised we’d driven into a gutter that had been disguised by the mud and grass. Poor Roger was stuck. On the secluded road to Ave Maria, on a Sunday afternoon. What were the chances of getting help?

We were reminded that we were in Ghana when 3 out of the only 4 cars that passed by stopped to help us, including a man on his way to a party. Unfortunately they couldn’t get the car out no matter how much they tried, but a truck passing by stopped and towed Roger out of the gutter. After we were safely out, all our helpers left, expecting no reward, just feeling satisfied our car had been rescued.

So in true Ghana stylee, we took the mud-covered Roger to the carwash and watched him get a good scrub down while we had drinks at the perfectly placed drinking spot next door. The rest of the day was spent drinking delicious Rum cocktails and Kasapreko strawberry drinks whilst catching the Euro 2008 finals.

Apart from showing E a typical Ghanaian Sunday, I am glad he got to experience, and we were reminded of, the beautiful Ghanaian spirit of helping without expecting or demanding anything back. I hope everyone gets the chance to experience it at some point in their lives.


Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Haha. pictures will be coming of your muddy car...Seriously, a very nice post about our friendly Ghana.

Maya said...

Thanks, was going to ask you for the "evidence" ;)

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Maya, this is a very nice thing you have done for Ghana. Your good heart came out once again. Why do you think I'm your friend.

Have your dog days at work passed for now?

Maya said...

Thanks Nana Yaw. Work is calming down, or perhaps, I am getting used to the pace, feels like things are beginning to fall into place, finally.


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