Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Roger and I have now been together for just over two years. It's mainly been a smooth ride, we only had a few ups and downs, first at the very beginning, we actually made a complete break between mid-January and April 2006. Since then, all has been well until two weeks ago. Roger seemed moody and un-cooperative and suddenly it was as if things were falling apart.

Until then I hadn't realised just how much I depended on him. When he shocked me with a complete hissy fit one day, I also retaliated by finding someone else, the lovely Satine. Of course Satine was never going to be in it for the longterm, she's SQB's but for a day or two she kept me so happy.

After a little action with Satine I went back to Roger but he wasn't having it so I had to try various other distractions, the wobbly one, ML and finally today, Bessie. The wobbly one was too unreliable, ML was great, but not for me (and anyway, I suspect Virgo loves her more than, or at least as much as me) and Bessie, whose always been so great, although a bit slow, went completely berserk in Makola. Just when i didn't know what to do with her, Mensah came along with Roger who completely saved the day.

After Roger's unreliable tantrums and all these bits on the side, it seems Roger and I have finally found our way back to each other. I hope this time he's in it for the long term, or at least til July when a summer crush may come along and distract me.

Cars, you've just gotta to love them. No matter how much they mess us up by breaking down at the wrong time and place, they are the ones that take us safely from A to B. Have you shown appreciation to your Roger today? ;)

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The Author said...

Great metaphors all through. Mind you, we do not all have Rogers. My beautiful Maxine would be riled if I even made the mistake and called her Roger in a mere whisper :)


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