Friday, 11 April 2008

The Heart of Scandinavia

Every few months it happens again, the feeling washes over me. This time I think I’ve caused it myself, reading too many blogs and local papers, so now it must be admitted...I miss Gothenburg!!!

In Ebbas blog she’s just gone back to Gothenburg and I actually feel jealous (as in proper sulky jealousy) as she describes sitting at Le Pain Francais, Condecco and going to all other places I recognise. Think I feel it more because she’s also, like me, not living there, therefore enjoying the novelty of coming home to what you know and miss.

At the same time, I am so sure of my choice to live in Ghana. The kind of happiness that is felt here cannot (for me) be found anywhere else. I don’t see myself upping and leaving, but I’m missing my dose of Sweden, it’s been too long! The cleanliness that shocks you when you’re coming from London, the fresh air - especially after a rainy day, the green trees, grass and bushes all around you everywhere, taking 91:an or 11:an in to Brunnsparken to meet some friends or walking to Jarntorget to go for a fika somewhere in Haga or Linne, I miss it all!

I do realise what I’ve described sounds like a very sunny Gothenburg, but I miss winter too. Three days ago, Virgo, SQB and I caught a program on the building of the Ice Hotel up north in Sweden, and even that looked appealing. I described to them the beauty of waking up after a night of snow, (on the days when I had a dog to walk), and being the first one out to see a beautiful, white, untouched canvas of snow.

The crispy fresh air that freezes your face but leaves you feeling rosy and refreshed, startles but wakes your senses. Even rainy days serve their purpose. Yes Gothenburg may be grey and unappealing, with leaves covering the pavements, mashed and smeared in mud, but what better time than a rainy day to cosy up at a cafe or a friend’s place for a cup of yogi tea and blueberry or apple pie?

Mmm, it’s time to start checking the travel sites, before the longing takes over completely.
By hook or by crook, I have to visit my Gothenburg soon.

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Tigger said...

hej hoppas du kommer till återträffen då... :) det blev den 6 juni. kram K


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