Saturday, 5 April 2008

Fourth of the fourth

Yesterday's post never came up due to internet problems. Here it is:

Today is a day of celebration and remembrance for many. Happy birthday to the lovely Maya Angelou who turns eighty today, hope there are many more years (and books to come). My friend H also has her birthday today, haven't spoken to her in ages but sent her a text. It seems there are many birthdays out there that fall on the 4/4.

Today is also forty years since Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered. The article mentions that for years Maya didn't celebrate her birthday because her dear friend died on it.

What a wonderful legacy Martin Luther King Jr. left behind him, do you think he could imagine that already, in less than half a century from when blacks and whites could not sit together on a bus, we are on the brink of (possibly) having a Black president of the United States?

Today would also have been Heath Ledger's 29th birthday. Do you think he imagined in mid-January that he would not make it here?

And there sits a two year old girl who'll sadly not remember much of her father when she grows up. Hopefully watching his movies, that showcase his wonderful talent will help keep that memory alive.

Today I also took a step towards the end of a short era in my life. The letter was handed over, now time will tell what the future holds.

Spent the evening at H Lodge where auntie M had a little get together to celebrate her latest purchase. Just home now, feeling very tired. After shivering so much at work to the point where I earned the nickname Benazir Bhutto (how could anyone be offended by that?), because of how I wrapped myself in my pashmina, and feeling as exhausted as I do now, I just hope and wish that it is not malaria. Will see how I feel after a good night's sleep tomorrow. I say a good night's sleep but unfortunately the frog/cricket sing-along has already begun.


Anna said...

hej! vad var det för brev? vad är det som tar slut och vad är det som börjar? :)

Maya said...

Brevet var min uppsagning. Ska sluta den 25 april och borjar nytt jobb i borjan av maj. Spannande grejer! Fast nu blir det annu konstigare med Gbg resan, har ingen aning nar det blir av...


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