Thursday, 3 April 2008

The city that never sleeps

Lying in bed, trying to sleep, well I guess I'm not actively trying as I am still online. I can't help but wonder if Accra is the real city that never sleeps.

As the frogs croak (what do frogs do?), louder than most agricultural machines, it seems the crickets, who usually hold the monopoly on nighttime noise feel intimated and are trying to out-sound them. All in all, a cacophony of natural sounds. (It reminds me somewhat of the awful sound machine Berger had in Sex & the City!)

At Virgo's house, the music blasting from the speakers of nearby drinking spots drown out any possibility of peace at night, but if you were to have a party, at least you'd save on the cost of a dj. ;)

On weekend nights, the night clubs and charismatic churches compete with each other outside my window, in the battle between sinful enjoyment and God-fearing worship, a battle so similar to the one I am currently witnessing between the frogs and the crickets, until both groups seem to collapse somewhere between 1.30 and 3a.m.

It seems both man-made groups and nature's animals are scared to let Ghana sleep in peace. Why? Afraid she'll never wake up? Every now and then the frogs stop for a few minutes, to catch their breath I guess, and the crickets simultaneously lower the volume of their surround-sound buzzing. But within minutes they are back on track, making sure you never forget that there was almost a moment of silence.

On behalf of all troubled sleepers I send all you noise makers a little prayer: keep quiet for once please, let Ghana and all her residents hear the sound of silence. I assure you, Ghana, and I too, will wake up tomorrow a happier, well rested creature with enough energy to take on another day.


Rest in peace, Mona Seilitz.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

This is striking for the situations created in it. The City that never sleeps has noisy churches and night clubs, partying frogs and wailing crickets, but no mention of the lights :) And I also know the silence that almost was. Great writing.

Maya said...

Oh, as always, you flatter me! I must have forgotten the lights since I wrap my head, covering my face, in my pillows, trying to muffle the noise outside. ;)


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