Saturday, 12 April 2008

Movie night

Just spent the evening with Virgo and SQB watching movies. Well, I was watching, they were mostly napping. Saw half of Victor/Victoria, wish I had seen it all, must be more than 15 years since I saw it last, in Geneva, with the pretty ballerina and the real Victor/Victoria.

Before that we watched a movie (forgot the name) with Mikhail Baryshnikov, Helen Mirren, Isabella Rossellini and Gregory Hines, set in Sovjet. It was so interesting to see all these well known actors as they looked twenty years ago. It made me realise that I'm probably part of the last generation who knew of Baryshnikov (excuse spelling errors) as a ballet dancer, those just a few years younger will assume his big break was as Alexandr Petrovsky in Sex & the City!

Yesterday's sushi evening was great, so much fun meeting the girls. The most exciting part was that the New Bride is now a Mum to Be (M2B)! Can't believe she's going to have one of these very soon.

Being as cute as M2B is, I'm sure hers will be cuter than this one!

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