Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Today for once I ended up going straight home from work. We, the four lawyers, were chatting for about an hour and a half before we realised it was almost eight so we all packed up and went home.

Yesterday I went to Tasty Jerk(is that the name?) in Osu. Can't believe that place, which I drive past probably three or four times a week, has existed for over twenty years! Only heard about it a few months ago and the food was as good as I had heard.

This morning, Virgo and I killed our stomach muscles, I can still feel it, as if the pain in my gluteus maximus (words of the day!) wasn't enough. Really look forward to the day when gymming is such a part of my routine that I won't feel the sore muscles at all.

Really really should shut down now, yesterday I was a good girl and left my laptop at work, wonder if I can be disciplined enough to get to bed early tonight. Will try, but somehow I think there'll be another post before the evening is over.


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