Monday, 14 April 2008


It's been hard finding something positive to write about after the previous dreary post. A certain friend of mine is going through ups and downs in her relationship. At one point it seemed the whole thing was over, then a few hours later it was back on.

What was really amazing was seeing the effect this had on my friend. From not being able to work, eat or even talk properly, once all the problems were sorted out, she was back to her usual bubbly, joking self, with even more energy than usual. Within ten minutes she had said more than she had said all day.

Is that what relationships do to us? I have to ask because at the moment mine is in the plain sailing phase (no smugness intended) so it's hard to see it taking over my life or my mind. I always say love is like a fever or flu that we should avoid catching as it will take over and control our senses. A lot of my more romantic friends call me cold for saying that (Virgo looked at me in disbelief when I said it!) but those who understand me get what I mean.

If our love or relationship is so overwhelming it affects our every day life (which it usually does), sleeping, eating, working, making us lose control over how we handle ourselves, how do we know for sure that we can stop ourselves from going over the edge and completely losing our senses to love?

Let's not forget that we don't always fall in love with the right, or even with a good person. Do we know when to give way to love or do we just lose ourselves to love senselessly?

I certainly avoid headspinning, careless love like I do any other flu ;), I've had it before and just like malaria or Appollo, I learned from it and now know how to avoid catching it again.

My way may not be the best, but if you're going to fall for love, make sure it's a worthwhile cause, like getting an infection that gives you time off work but you still have enough energy to stay up and watch your favourite dvds. Don't fall for any flu-like love that comes along, for all you know, you may end up with typhoid. Once you've found the one that's worth the butterflies, the loss of control, blushing and tripping over your feet, embrace it with all your heart...but make sure your antibiotics are not too far away!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Pragmatic Maya, love is a softerner...of heart, mind and soul. Your piece is beautifully and RATIONALLY written. Plain sailing huh? Or was that smooth sailing ;D

Maya said...

You know I am a romantic cynic (if there's such a thing). Need to be rational or else my romantic side will make me do the craziest things.
Believe me.


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