Sunday, 13 April 2008


Passed Shoprite on my way home (decided to try my luck there for seaweed since the Chinese shop was closed, did I really think they'd have it?!) I discovered an aisle I had never noticed before which had a...magazine section! Most people know me to be a magazine junkie, that's usually the first thing I ask for when anyone is coming to Ghana, so imagine my joy at discovering a whole section of magazines!

Unfortunately my headache had by then started affecting my eye sight (migraine perhaps?) so i only quickly scoured the shelves to check what was there. To my shock, British Marie Claire is selling for Gh¢20!!! A magazine that costs £3.30 in England is selling for three times the price here. If that's not exploitation, what is? How is an average, or even well off person living on an Accra salary supposed to afford that? Oprah was selling for Gh¢23 and OK magazine, a £2 magazine was selling for Gh¢16.5, more than four times it's original price. It seems by purchasing a few magazines we'd easily pay for a ticket to London, maybe that's Shoprite's aim?

Sadly for me, the irritation of seeing the prices just made my headache worse, so now I'm off to bed, hoping it will all be gone tomorrow.


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