Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Dentist - friend or foe?

Today I spent four hours at the dentist. Yes, f-o-u-r hours. Thought I was going for a quick check up to sort out the toothaches I’ve had on both the left and right side of my mouth, and yes, they did check it out, but I hadn’t counted on the many x-rays, the compulsory teeth cleaning by a dental hygienist and the many, many minutes of waiting in between.

Will have to go back next week for more extensive work to be done, for now I will not talk about that. Have never had a fear of the dentist ever, it’s always been a great experience. Mr. T and I would go together when we were younger, he first, always.

After dealing with his issues, braces, etc. and scolding him for not handling dental hygiene as well as he should, it would be my turn. “Ååååh, så fina tänder!” the lovely Ebba would say (that’s “Oh, such lovely teeth”) and her dental nurse would nod in agreement.

That’s how the majority of my dental checkups have been – always a pleasant visit where I’d be showered with compliments.

Unfortunately, after next Friday, I may join the mass of odontophobics, a majority of human beings, a group that I guess most of you are already part of.

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