Thursday, 3 April 2008


Gosh what a busy day! Don't even know what I've been doing but have been busy all day. (excuse all typos, have no time to check). Had to leave the lovely Satine, (yes, I named a car I only drove for 1 1/2 day) and have realised, the only way to drive is in an Infinity. Back with good old Roger now (that's my car, not a bit on the side).

At least got myself a good laugh this morning as I was buying juice from the kiosk by our office.

One taxi driver to another (sleepy looking one)at the taxi station (fancy name for a row of taxis):

"Chale - you no sleep last night?"

"hm...I ate some banku this morning"

This conversation was witnessed at 08:57a.m. I can only imagine when in the morning this banku was eaten (and dread to wonder if he'll fall asleep at the wheel during the day)!

Must review an agreement now, before Miami comes to meet me at work in 13 minutes, somehow I don't think I'll be ready by then. Going to Twist from there and I'll probably pass Virgo's after that before I get home to write a proper post.

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