Tuesday, 29 April 2008


It's amazing how tired we can be without realising it. This morning, after a very good night's sleep, I just couldn't rush and get on with my day as I was supposed to. It seems the brain told the body "don't rush, there's nowhere she has to be today, everything can wait til tomorrow" and I gave in. My lunch meeting was cancelled and nothing else has to be done today so it looks like it'll be another day at home. At least that gives me the opportunity to sort out the piles of work papers that need sorting and prepare my handing over note.

I'm glad I don't need to get caught up in Tuesday's Accra traffic. It is such an odd phenomenon, lots of traffic on a Tuesday. I've asked the reason for it several times and from what I understand, most households do their 'marketing' (love that expression, that's going to do the weekly shopping in the market to me and you) and I guess because the fishermen don't go to sea on Tuesdays, that's when they'll get the opportunity to run their errands too.

So for now it seems I'll stay safely holed up in cozy Tema!

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Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Short and sweet. I know what you've been doing with your free time. If you plan and choose carefully, you'd never have to deal with the horrible mardi traffic ever again. Good luck, and I'll keep reading these amazing posts. :-)


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