Sunday, 20 April 2008

Party weekend

Friday night was so good, really really good. Started by going over to Ruby’s for drinks with Virgo, then continued to Monsoon for a short while before going to Reema’s where Boi’s 30th birthday party was taking place. How sweet of his parents to actually plan a surprise party for him and get all his friends involved.

The music was great, almost constantly, we danced and danced. The best thing about it was that almost everybody was out, so much fun catching up with people. The night continued at the Office, before crashing in to bed around 4.30 (for the London/Brussel crew that may not be impressive).

It’s much better to just go out once in a while and have a really good night than to try going out every weekend and just see the same old faces in same old Accra.

Actually, Saturday was also good. After recovering from the night’s fun, I went for fufu and groundnut soup with Virgo, SQB and Sad-Ass at their friend’s house. Then, home to relax, change and take my mum to a party, before continuing to dinner at the Architects house. From there we continued to Labone for a house party, briefly met little H there, but the party was dry and I was feeling tired so I left after a short while. Have a business meeting this afternoon, then, if I get home early enough, I’ll prepare some sushi for the week, and hopefully, hopefully be in bed by 21:00. Old lady like me needs to get some rest!

Got home a few minutes ago. There is no way I am getting to bed on time, oh well, will have to sleep next weekend!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Maybe you should keep a separate diary and keep us in the loop on your sizzling life :-)

Maya said...

But why deprive any of the other readers, eh? Actually it is a good idea, I've been considering it...


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