Friday, 25 April 2008

A grey day in Accra

Today’s weather reflects how my soul was yesterday, grey, gloomy with surprise rain and thunderstorms. The sea, my fountain of joy in life, is nowhere to be seen, it has completely blended with the sky to create an endless view of grey, grey, grey.

Although Accra may be gloomy, I am having a better day. Very busy packing away my life at the office. Since the office is also moving location, it's not just me who's packing up my work life in the central business district of Accra for new adventures.

The day will look even better if as agreed the poet and I spend my last lunch at this workplace at Tribe, looking out over the vanishing ocean. Today I think I deserve to treat myself to their delicious lasagne, but for now, I'll just enjoy a spoonful of the poet's Horlicks and a cup of tea as I wrap myself in my pashmina.

How are you spending your day today?


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Maybe melancholy is your strong writing point. It is a really grey day, yes, and it was even greyer yesterday, I think. You capture both days accurately here.

Maya said...

Thanks, ooh, it looks like it's brightening up!

Anna said...

Jag har fått sovmorgon idag..hurra! Och sedan har jag städat hela huset och varit på Iyengar-yoga. Yoga är mitt nya livselixir...det är en helt fantastisk träningsform. Jag vet, bättre sent än aldrig :)

Maya said...

Ah, harligt! Vad ar lyengar yoga for nagot? Jag har inte gatt pa yoga alls, mer pilates och ibland body balance (en blandning av pilates och yoga) men det verkar sa skont, renande for sjalen (och kroppen) samtidigt som det verkligen gor en fast i kroppen fastan det inte kanns sa medans man haller pa. Var gar du nagonstans?


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