Friday, 11 April 2008

Land of Dreams

I heard from an old friend a few days ago, apparently she’s now living in Paris. When I heard that, my heart leapt a beat, like when the person you have a huge crush on walks by. All my life I have wanted to live in France. I sometimes forget that that is my dream, until I speak to someone who’s living there and my crush for France is revitalised. I know I’m not alone. N has a crazy passion for Spain and all things Spanish, but at least she went and lived there for a year.

When am I going to fulfil my dream?

It seems I am reaching an age where I should be thinking about other things than flinging all over the world, apparently I have reached the age of settling down, or so they tell me. But does settling down mean giving up on your dreams? Isn’t fulfilling your dreams a necessary pre-requisite to settling down, once you’ve done and seen all that you wanted you can relax and settle.
I just want to live in France for a while (see, I’m not even fussy enough to specify a town), to know that I’ve been there, tried it, then I’ll be happy going back to life in Ghana. When will I do this though, next year perhaps? A three month stay should be enough to transcend me from a tourist to a temporary resident of that wonderful country of arrogance, indulgence and grandeur. After that, my soul will settle and my heart will remain calm whenever my crush is mentioned.

Have you lived in the land of your dreams?


The Author said...

Maya, your last paragraph of justification is powerful as it is amusing. Your three-word description of France is magnifique!

Maya Mame said...

Merci beaucoup!


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