Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Changing nation

Ghana is a nation in the process of change. It is everywhere. I feel it in the air. As the lightning and thunder crash against the office window, nature is clearly telling us that the hot unbearable season is gone and rainy season is marching in.

As I type away in the office, wondering when I will find the time to draft to documents that will mean a change in my professional life, the other guys in the office are excitedly discussing the oil we've recently found and how it will change Ghana for good. I hear America, Venezuela and Norway being mentioned. Could we be the new Norway? I doubt it, but who knows, contracts have been handed to the Norwegians, hopefully they'll let Ghana benefit from it.

Darkness has struck a few minutes earlier than usual, in fact with the thunder beating against my window, the ice-cold AC in the office and the pitch black darkness outside us that prevents me from enjoying my usual ocean view, it resembles a European November day when you wake up in shock to realise that autumn is long gone and we're well in winter.

This is the year of change. I feel it in every bone of my body. There's a "fjarilar i magen" (butterflies in my tummy) feeling as I feel, no, know that many of us will be in very different places at the end of the year. How scarily exciting!

Well, it's time for the constant daydreamer to return to work, going to make myself a cup of tea (or milo?), enjoy nature's roar and continue drafting my agreements.

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The Author said...

Your 'hook' is very skilful. You're clearly thinking about more than you let out. Now, I'm wondering what other kinds of change you're mulling. Great, clean, unburdened lines. Thanks for the opportunity to see a bit of your mind everyday!


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