Thursday, 19 June 2008

The difference between cats and dogs.

The world can be divided into three categories of people:
1. Dog Lovers
2. Cat Lovers
3. Ghanaians, who generally don't care for animals except to know what's in the meal their about to "chop".

I have always been a dog lover. Can't stand cats at all. They seem so sly and calculating, always lurking in a corner, looking for how they can trick or attack you. They only bother to show you love when hunger strikes, that's when they brush their furry bodies against your legs.

Cat lovers all speak of how intelligent cats are, which is why you have to win them over before they love you. Look, aren't human relationships work enough without having to also win over the love of a pet? My lovely dog (R.I.P.) loved me from the moment we got her, I never had to jump through hoops for her, so I'll take unconditional love any day.

Every few days, you'll see a dead dog on the side, or sometimes in the middle of the road, usually on the motorway. My heart jumps every time out of sympathy. However, two days ago, as I was driving through Cantonments, I saw a cat about to cross the road. Just as I thought "I have never seen a dead cat on the side of the road", I saw the cat do exactly what I was taught those many years ago in day nursery: look left, look right, then left again, before crossing the road.

The score board now reads:

Cats 1 - Dogs 0


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

The intro, the treatment, the great unexpected conclusion. The trappings of great writing, I think. Maya, I believe you've got it all! For the record, I like neither dogs nor cats, but I feel safer around cats!

Maya said...

Thanks Nana Yaw,
and I always suspected you were a cat person, you have feline features.


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