Sunday, 22 June 2008

Lessons of life

They tell you not to mock people. They tell you charity begins at home. They tell you if you continue doing what you’re doing it will become a bad habit. I didn’t listen.

When I came to Ghana I had never heard of Ghanaians (Akans mainly) mixing their L’s and R’s. At first I was fascinated, listening for those mistakes. Suddenly understanding the meaning of “I go frash you”, “these flames will make your photos look good”, “the gardener is cutting the glass” or “crap for Jesus”. Then I was amused. Then I started imitating the mistakes. And mocking them by coming up with my own combinations.

And now, once in a while, I hear myself saying “we’re all going to my pra…place”. And at times I need to slow down and think before saying more problematic words like ‘frolic’ or ‘deliberately’. After less than three years in Greater Accra, I have adopted a mistake usually developed after a lifetime in the village.

Far too late I've learnt my lesson.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

I know Accra is not exactly a "Rome". Having said that, would you say this is a case of karma for mocking or a subconcious case of doing as the Romans do? ;-)

Maya said...

Definitely a case of kharma!


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