Friday, 27 June 2008

I am puzzled... something almost everytime I leave Sharpnet.

First of all, the reason I am there quite often is because my printer at the office is not working so when I need to print colour documents I have to choose between Busy Internet or Sharpnet, the choice is always easy as I'll do anything to stay away from the traffic at Circle.

Today I have been puzzled by a few things:
1. Why does the guy working the printers have to put in the papers one by one when you're printing colour? How does that work in such a busy internet café? Could they not think of any other system that might increase productivity and efficiency?

2. Why would anyone come to sit at Sharpnet to watch a full movie? (At least for the 35 mins I was there, it seemed like that was what the guy was doing).

3. This conversation:
A phone rings, you hear a baby babbling away instead of a normal musical tone:
"Chale, tha be your ring tone?"
"No, ee no be my ring tone, ee be someone calling me"

Eeeeh? (Is it me, or isn't it usually the ring tone you hear when someone calls you?)

Then, as i looked for a link to Sharpnet for the blog, to my amazement I realise there isn't one.
4. How, why, would an internet café that surely must be one of the busiest (although well after Busy) in Accra, not have its own website, and if they do, how hidden is it????

Answers on a postcard, please...


The Author said...

Aaaaah, pretty naughty witty you! The sarcasm is so sharp!

Anonymous said...

it is definitely a Ghanaian thing :)!!!!! This very morning my hubby loaded on to his cell phone the 1 hour wailing of my daughter that begun seconds after she was lifted unceremoniously from my tummy, as his new ring tone :)

Of course I was tickled pink but surely.......?!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Blogging ludite that I am, I posted a comment at the bottom of the page - which turned out to be a Family Ties post. Sorry 'bout that!

Maya Mame said...

Hi Ian, no worries, I'll answer you here.

Rhapsody's was really nice, the atmosphere is cozy, yet modern, the staff are nice and attentive and the food was very tasty (I had the seafood steak (I think that's what it's called)). The only issue was that they got the orders a bit wrong, i.e. I got a medium rare steak instead of well done and my friend got the opposite and they also gave her the wrong sauce. I feel at the level they are coming in (as one of the most expensive restaurants in Accra) they should avoid making such simple mistakes. When there's no traffic, it's a 5-7 min drive from Golden Tulip (in traffic it could take anything from 10-50 minutes!). It's in the Accra Mall, so heading towards Tema/East Legon, past the airport. DOn't worry agewise, there was a completely mixed crowd, young couples, families, couples in their sixties, work mates and all cultures too (well, English, Asian, Ghanaian and American).

All in all, a very nice place (with good cocktails!)

If you want other alternatives to Monsoon, try Old Bob's place (turn downhill at Papaye, at the end of the road turn left and Old Bob's Place is on your left just as the road bends right) or Honeysuckle (driving from Ako Adjei Interchange towards Danquah Circle, take the last right turn before Danquah, by the Chickn Lickn wall, and do an immediate right again (almost like a reverse angle u-turn) and it's a pub in the last set of shops) both places serve very good food in a cozy atmosphere. Hope you enjoy your stay!

Maya Mame said...

Thanks Nana Yaw, most of the time I float like a butterfly but every now and then I must sting like a bee!

Maya Mame said...

Definitely a Ghanaian thing, but how sweet! Wanting to savour such a wonderful moment, aaaaaw!

When was your daughter born?


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