Wednesday, 18 June 2008

In a better mood...

Don't worry, the day turned out ok in the end. I guess all I needed was a good workout and a lovely breakfast.

Have spent the day driving to Tema and back, and roaming up and down town for...semi-private errands. Had a look in the new furniture store at the Tema Motorway roundabout, Blue Gallery, they had fantastic stuff, really nice and different compared to the rest of the places in Accra. Unfortunately I don't think I'm ready to spend $7,000-8,000 on a sofa set quite yet... But go and have a look if you can. Dee recommended it to me and I'm glad she did.

I am now down to the last of my twenty one Cedi coins.

Was a bit upset at first as I wanted them as a collectors item, but have had to use them because I haven't been to the cash point for days. (Note to HFC: if you want more customers, I think, yes somehow I think, that we'll need more than one measly cash point in the whole of Accra. Don't worry about me though, I will definitely be switching to Ecobank before you even set up another one.)

The Poetress assured me that she'd be able to get me some more coins, so I can once again relax. Unfortunately, paying with them is not having the desired effect. Nobody reacts at all. I was hoping people would be a bit excited, or at least frown and say I have given them the wrong think, whereupon I could knowingly smile and say "actually, this is not a 50 pesewas coin, it's a one cedi coin, you know." But nothing!

Gone are the days of last year early July, when everytime, I swear, every time you'd pay for something with a new cedi note, people would smile and gush and gather round to see what it looked like. My hairdresser thanked me about four times when I paid with a 10 cedi note as she hadn't seen one before and couldn't believe so much money could be found on one note.

Aaah, those were the days!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Aaaaah, back to sunnyside posting, I see. And I suspect the breakfast pix are meant to tease an abstainer like me!

Mustapha said...
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Mustapha said...

Hi Maya,

My name is Mustapha and I'm one of the people behind Blue Gallery.

I've very glad that you like our place and thank you for linking to our website. We also encourage you to visit more often, if only to have an espresso with us and give us suggestions and feedback..

Like you, I'm a blogger (I blog here), which explains how I found your incoming link :) , so in the spirit of kinship, you're welcome to visit us whenever you want.

Cheers and thanks again..

Maya said...

Nana Yaw,

As you can see I am doing everything I can to make you start eating breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day!

Maya said...

Hi Mustapha,

Glad you found my blog! You have some great stuff at Blue Gallery so I'm happy to do anything I can to spread the word. Right now I'm going to check out your blog.

Sijui said...

Love your blog as you already know!!! :) And it is required reading for Diasporans setting back for home :)

We'll be in the country next month, permanently, and will stop by Blue Gallery for sure as we stock up on items that we're not shipping......

Mustapha said...

Oops Maya,

I guess I forgot to tell you that my blog is totally unrelated to Ghana :)

But I will be starting a ghanaian blog pretty soon, in which you're welcome to become a co-writer :)

Maya said...

Hi Sijui,
Nice to hear from you again. How exciting that you are moving back. Good luck with the move, and of course if you have any questions, there's a bunch of us who have gone through it already and are available to help. Hope you'll blog about your experience!

Maya said...

Mustapha, I realised that when I had a look at your blog. :)
But it's always interesting to read about different issues especially from other parts of the world. Let me know when your ghanaian blog is up and good luck with the coming baby!


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