Friday, 6 June 2008

Accra cries on the 6th of June

Today is Sweden's National Day. For the past three or four years (am I right?) it's been a national holiday, so I'm feeling a bit jealous, especially as the weather seems great there at the moment. But I guess we had African Union day last week so it's even. And anyway, the 6th of June has never really been celebrated, so I'm not missing out on anything really. It's funny, but quite natural I guess, that countries that have been independent and never really oppressed don't enjoy their national day as much as the others.

Of course, it's already in the name. Independence day is so empowering, today we celebrate our independence, yay! National day - today we celebrate our nation? Naah, it doesn't have the same pulling factor. That's why even in Sweden I think syttende mai (or something like that) is more noticeable. That's 17th May, when the Norwegians celebrate their independence. Similarly, I am sure more Brits know of St. Patrick's day (17th March, Irish day) than St. George's day (some don't even know it exists), think it's 26th April, or somewhere around there.

Back in Accra, today is the day of G's funeral. I didn't go. Could blame it on so many things: I'd only met him a few times, I had several work meetings this morning, I still don't have my Roger to take me around and I didn't have any funeral clothes with me. I thought I would go, but somehow during the week I have subconsciously changed my mind. Partly because H left the country and I would have gone with him, but partly's too much, too hard.

From the little I knew of G, I know it's going to be so sad to sit in church and hear people tell stories of his life and person, watch his family and probably everyone else, break down in tears over the fact that he died so young and with recent events it just feels like the week has already been too sad and death has come too close to home.

Fittingly, the skies above Accra opened up and cried and wailed for all of us this morning. I'm sure the tears of heaven stopped as G was being laid to his final rest.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Maya, combining the celebration of a national day and a regional day with the funeral of an obviously wonderful person and cloudburst is so eerie but credible. So much seems to happen in your life everyday, huh?

Maya said...

So it seems, and yet, for better or for worse, most of the time I am just an innocent bystander.


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