Friday, 27 June 2008

Friday lunch

When i got to work earlier today, I didn't think I'd stay long. Just outside my window, a politial rally was going on. As the noise got louder (or just more irritating with time?) it began to feel like it was coming from inside my head, pushing against the sides of my scull till the whole thing would explode in a mess. Then someone's car alarm went off, joining into the symphony of noise and chanting. As I thought 'I can't take this anymore!', I decided to calm myself by digging into my lunch.

Maybe because I was hungry, irritated and needed calming, or maybe the salad was just that good, but today the Greek Pasta Salad from Sunshine (Osu), (or Little Indian Sunshine Salad Bar as it's actually called, not Little Miss India Sunshine as I've called it for two years), was so delicious I devoured the whole thing! For some reason, I never usually manage to finish their salads but this one was fantastic. With a small Star by the side, I was soon satisfied. No, I don't mean a Star Beer (knew I'd get those in the know),

but rather the small Star juices (I had Carrot & Orange) that they sell at Sunshine.

I just hope this keeps me content until dinner tonight at seven with K and our lesser halves :) Yes, it looks like I'll finally be going to check out Rhapsody's! Poet, believe me, it's not by choice that I'm going there, would much rather have abandoned it until the hype fizzled out.

...Just like I am yet to see Titanic. Has that hype died yet?

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