Friday, 20 June 2008

Glad midsommar!

(That's "happy midsummer")

Today started of with me being very stereotypically Swedish. Kept my earphones in my ears at the gym even though I was listening to the gym music (ok, maybe that's not Swedish, just my anti-social ways), then whilst getting ready for work, I flicked through the IKEA catalogue and had ABBA playing in the background. Of course during Fernando, I got so distracted that after a while I was just singing to myself in the mirror!

Today is Friday and it looks like I'll have a fun packed weekend. Unlike most people, I actually love staying late at work on Friday, to make sure I finish the work for the week (don't want a disastrous weekend like last weekend) and avoid getting stuck in traffic. After work, I'm meeting Ruby for dinner, most likely at Le Must. Their seafood gratin is divine, but I think it's time I try something new.

Tomorrow, the morning will be spent preparing for our Swedish midsummer feast, to be held at K's house, the afternoon will be spent eating all the delicacies. So far it looks like we'll have sill & potatis (herring and potato) with sour cream, Absolut vodka (naturally), egg halves with a tuna mayo mix, cinnamon rolls and...erm greek salad. Well the salad may not be Swedish, but it's summery so we'll allow it.

Then on Sunday, finally, it looks like our Sex & the City marathon might finally happen. Just waiting for confirmation from Dee...

By the way, I'm getting bored of the font colours on the blog, considering changing it. maybe to a grey background with a less shocking font colour. Any suggestions?

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