Monday, 16 June 2008

The thief of time is what now?

So the weekend didn't go exactly as planned... Was meant to be in all Saturday, working, but ended up finding a lot of other things to do instead.

Working towards deadlines reminds me very much of being a student. Was trying to catch up because of my low (illness induced) productivity last week, but slipped right back into later, mañana, mode.

Whilst postponing the work early morning, to bake chapati (!), I managed to convince myself I was slightly disciplined by reading through some work emails whilst “baking”. After eating my bread with a cup of Brown Gold, in front of Scrubs, I reluctantly brought out the laptop to complete an agreement I had barely started on Friday. Finished it and felt so tempted to watch another episode of Scrubs, even though there were so many other agreements to draft.

This led to sudden flashbacks of LLB Law student days in the lovely house in Croydon. E G-A and I would sit and come up with various different excuses for postponing studies until before we knew it, it was 10pm on Sunday night and the final EU law exam was Monday at 2pm! What can I say, I know, we are complete idiots for leaving revising (yes, we began revising at that time!) till 14 hours before the exam, but luckily we both work well under pressure.

After getting through Law School in Makola and the mini nervous breakdown I suffered during first year, I thought I had matured out of last minuteism. And yet once again, I was thinking of potential blog posts, while the work was mounting.

Well, in hindsight I can tell you most of the work did get done...around 9p.m. Sunday evening. Long live last minuteism!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

If you ever choose to have a wedding, do get there on time, o.k?

Maya said...

Don't worry, I am very punctual. ;) It's finding the will to work that is more difficult.


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