Thursday, 26 June 2008

Girl Interrupted.

Since Friday I’ve had difficulty sleeping. (Well actually, it’s been going on my whole life, but since Friday it’s been particularly bad). I slept four hours a night Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday and Tuesday night, I only slept two hours per night (Ok, it’s possible that the Grey’s Anatomy season 4 disc that I borrowed from Dee had something to do with the last two nights lack of sleep) and so I’ve been walking around like a zombie for days.

Opening my eyes for too long is tiring, standing up is tiring, yes, anything really wears me out. But as soon as I get into bed, the sleepiness goes. I have to put on a DVD to distract myself from thinking or getting bored of trying to sleep.

Yesterday, I couldn’t take it anymore. At 15:45 I had to leave work to get some rest. Even the ten minute drive to Virgo’s house was a struggle, at every chance I got I’d lean against my seatbelt to rest my heavy head. Got to bed, but it took another 50 minutes to wind down. Then suddenly, I felt it – sleep beginning to drift over me. What a wonderful feeling, when you know the rest is about to come and refuel your body, like a medicine beginning to treat a disease. Then I drifted off, into the deepest, soundest sleep that would have gone on for hours...

…Except instead I was woken up 17 minutes later by the sound of my phone, as an extremely badly timed call came through.

Just another reason to detest MTN :)


The Author said...

You just built a monument out of one of life's simple (and periodic) irritations - insomnia. Beautifully written. Have you thought about listening to the age old advice about eliminating distractions from your bedroom? DVD players, TVs, books, loud music etc, etc?

Maya Mame said...

Thank you so much, Nana Yaw, what a comliment!

I have tried, long ago, to eliminate all those things from my room, leaving the room for sleeping only, and yes, it works. But here I find I spend so little time at home, I like to do everything in my room, so I guess it's me prioritising other things over a good rest. I guess i ought to re-think...

Maya Mame said...

I meant comPliment of course!


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