Thursday, 12 June 2008

Give blood

Happened to read another blog that mentioned blood donations. In Sweden I'd thought of giving blood, but quickly dismissed the idea after hearing that they do not want blood from black people (true story, they're not interested in black blood, no matter how healthy, several people have been rejected). Oh well, their loss, I guess.

In Ghana, I'm not sure if there are any regular blood-giving drives. Have heard of an NGO having a blood-giving day once, but since then, I haven't heard anything else. Will have to investigate further.

Katerina, the blogger, speaks passionately about feeling refreshed after donating blood. Well, I think we'd all feel good, knowing we may have saved three people's lives. Of course, I don't know what an anaemic person like myself is thinking, my blood's useless to them! But what Katerina said really made me start thinking.

Imagine your blood flowing in another persons blood streams. Isn't that amazing? I wonder how spiritual people look at it. Surely some people will feel part of the person will disappear with the blood. What an influence one could then be in another person's life! I would love to have my blood flowing in a KKK leader's veins. How confused he would be!

Meanwhile, I wonder how the idea of giving blood is handled in Ghana. I remember some years ago, and maybe even now, people didn't want human hair extensions just in case there was something evil in that other person's hair. How much stronger wouldn't that "evil" be in the person's blood?! But I guess in sickness, you leave these thoughts aside and choose life.

What are your thoughs on giving blood? Done it before? Done it in Ghana? Tell me!

For now the only blood donations I am doing...are to those damn mosquitos!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

I know the religious people find text in the holy books that say something like "Do Not Eat Blood!" as their justification for opposing blood donation and transfusion. I do not give it any spiritual view whatsoever.

I have not donated blood because I've been underweight almost all my life and they would consider it a danger to my personal health.

Maya said...

Thanks for the insight, Nana Yaw.

Wow, I didn't know that underweight people couldn't give either. But I guess after seeing the amount they take I'm am not surprised, it's quite a lot.

Tigger said...

hej ja det är ca 4,5 dl man ger vid blodgivning i Sverige. Jag ger blod. Jag försökte en gång efter studenten i gbg men blev informerad att "du måste äta upp dig gumman (med en klapp på axeln)", just då kände jag mig mest taskigt behandlad men förstod senare att det var för mitt eget bästa.Inför blodgivning kollas man noga och de tar HIVtest m.m. En bra hälsokontroll om inte annat, även om ´man inte får lämna blod i slutändan av någon anledning.(om man haft proppar, äter vissa mediciner m.m.). Jag vet också att jag är A RhD positiv :) (min blodgrupp altså) kram

Tigger said...

det finns också en sjukdom som gör att man har för högt blodvärde och måste tappas regelbundet för at må bra....kommer ej ihåg vad den heter....

posekyere said...

I am fully for giving blood. Blood saves life. My accident victims will die unnecessarily without blood transfusion.
I believe there must be a national campaign on national radios and TV encouraging people to become regular blood donors.

Maya said...

Posekyere, I agree with you, there ought to be a campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of blood donations and where it can be done. I wonder if I can have any influence on the Government... ;)

Maya said...

Tack för all info, Tigger, det var jätteintressant. Ska nog ta och översätta.

Maya said...

Tigger tells me that the amount of blood you give at a time is 450ml, (quite a lot, almost half a litre!). Before they take your blood, you go through a health check, where they'll test you for HIV, your blood group and blood count. There's a disease that causes you to have a high blood count, this will also stop you from being able to give blood. If you've suffered from blood clots or are taking certain medications, you will also be stopped from giving blood.
Thanks Tigger!

Splashes said...

On Special blood donation exercises in Ghana, It is only after the donations are carried out that, the series of checks take place though the basic checks like weight, pressure etc are done.
Useful or not, a pint of blood will be out of your system.

Yes some religious people are against blood donations but not all.I know of SDA.

Tema First Baptist Church is organising a special blood donation exercise(26th July, 2008), you are welcomed if y'd like to save a life.

I'm underweight too but I hope to save lives when I'm within the accepted weight.

Maya said...

Thank you so much for the information! I will see if I can gather my Tema crew to give some blood.


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