Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Christmas - R. I. P.

As my mind runs helter and skelter trying to analyse this hullabaloo that is the 2008 elections, and I am constantly surprised at how people have hitherto chosen to exercise their franchise, (there, I challenge you to create a sentence with more ridiculous phrases used in conversations here in Ghana, especially on TV, everyday!), it just hit me how bad this re-run will be.

At this point, I am assuming that we will go to round 2, In fact, contrary to my last post and the good intentions of yesterday, I have spent the past 6 1/2 hours (do the maths and you'll realise when I started) analysing statistics to see how we can best strategise to win round 2. Oh the wonderful life as a politician's wife!

Anyhoo, I just realised that if elections are held on the 28th, already ruining Christmas, we are going to go through this hell of waiting in anxiety and stress until (at the latest) 5pm on New Year's Eve! There go the lovely days of partying on those mellandagar (in-between days, 26th-30th December) when most people are off from work and at the same time under no obligation to socialise under formal settings. This is the time when the most fun barbecues and beach days occur, but I doubt there'll be as many thanks to the combination of credit crunch and election worry and even if there are, I don't think I can focus, relax or enjoy myself. Already my heart jumps at the mention of the words "win", "results" or "EC" (EC= electoral commission)!

This year's Christmas tree, proudly decorated by moi!

So now, as I take an hour's (sleep) break before dealing with real work, I guess I can say "goodbye Christmas, it was nice planning for you this year but I guess we'll catch up in 2009 instead".


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

From your sorrowful title and your sombre mood (which reflects off me) Maya, EC should really stand for End of Christmas, no? Lol.

Maya said...

Ha ha ha! True!

Yngvild said...

Exercise your franchise. That was a new sentence I learned in Ghana. So funny with this fancy english that everybody knows...except me. :) PLease please please, celebrate x-mas, even if elections are coming up. Please. your christmas tree is lovely!

Maya said...

Just for you Yngvild I'll try to exercise my franchise of enjoying Christmas, lol!

At times the English is so fancy or so old-fashioned it's hard to follow what's being said. What happened to good old "right to vote"?

Abena said...

Maya, you are so right; Christmas in Ghana has effectively been killed for 2008. I also plan to kill all television sets in my household for the next 3 weeks. All the political pundit-ing and theories are cracking my skull.

Maya said...

Yeah Abena, I think I'll be doing the same, no Ghanaian TV til after elections, my head is just spinning with all their campaign talk and constant arguing.

Can't wait for 2009!

Sijui said...

Maya, allow me to commiserate with you :)

Ha! Ha! we too have had no sleep for three husband has been sleeping on the floor with Joy Online's web stream coming through on his laptop......thankfully I was able to escape for the next couple of days due to work related travel :)

Nevertheless I am so proud to be Ghanaian! What reasonable and mature people we have become!!!!! Whilst I hope 'our' man sails through, whomever wins it will clearly be the people's verdict and we must move on to a great future!!! AYEKOO and may the best man win!!!!!!!

Maya said...

Sijui, your nights sound as terrible as ours and I wonder how much Joy's ratings increased over those few days!
Completely agree, can't help but feel proud to see that democracy is really functioning here, I just hope the people of Ghana realise (like we already have) that the best way to the future is by moving forward! :)


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