Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Venice going under

Apparently Venice is flooding due to recent weather, and of course, for a city like Venice that means more than in other places, We spent our pre-wedding honeymoon there (well actually it was a business trip but we couldn’t have been happier with the location!) and were constantly amazed by the structure of the city and the fact that it was built this way centuries ago, How daring to build a city on water!

I can’t imagine how the floods will affect the city, after all it is already practically covered in water and everything, EVERYTHING runs on water. Have a look for yourselves:

The Police


Bin collection

Administrative Tribunal

Water up to your doorstep

The beautiful view!

Isn’t it funny, although I’m close to Labadi beach (actually I was there on Sunday) and I’m greeted by the sun everyday, I still find myself missing that lovely time in Venice just a few months ago!


posekyere said...

Hi Maya,
Venice, I am told, is incredibly beautiful.
The creative adaptation to the waterway on which the city is built is quite impressive.

I suppose that for a people who are used to living, literally, on water, they may have a way or two of dealing with any such eventuality.

Maya said...

Yes, it is incredibly beautiful and until you're there it is hard to imagine how a whole city can run on water. I hope they manage to sort out the floods quickly, it would be tragic if the city is destroyed by the very water that makes it so unique!


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