Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Ye ko ye nim? Yere si sem? Oh hell, I don't know!

I was hoping that the next time I write there would be a firm result out, but as it looks now, we're going for a second round. All kinds of information has been coming in, often contradicting and now I think we can use simple maths to determine that the most likely outcome is a second round on 28th December.

I am so tired. The stress and pressure of not knowing what's happening and not knowing when we'll know (that's actually worse, can't they just give us a time and date at which final count will be announced???) has meant that I have hardly slept in the past three nights. Tonight, I intend to have a good night's sleep and for the next few days I hope to stay away from all Ghanaian radio, TV and newspapers, to get back my sane, non-election crazy mind.

I hope I'll be able to focus on work, life and Christmas at least until the 26th or 27th December.

Even as I write, I am looking forward to my election 2008 mental detox!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

If I can take a line out of your post, with your permission. I am going to bond with my music cds like nobody's business. The radio-wrought tension is good for nobody's nerves. Christmas will not be the same.

posekyere said...


If I, as far away as I am from the epicentre of the current general elections in Ghana, am battling this killer hangover, I can't imagine what the two candidates are going through!
Hope this whole process ends as quickly as possible.
I can't stand it any more.

Maya said...

Good on you, Nana Yaw. Let's try to forget about this as much as possible for a while.

How about postponing Christmas til the 29th? Oh damn, I just realised they'll still be counting votes by then! :-(

Maya said...

I'm glad we're all suffering as much, lol! My sleep deprived head is suffering from a constant headache, also caused by the pressure of not knowing. 28th December (well actually the day results are released, 31st?) can't come soon enough.


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