Thursday, 18 December 2008

Family Values

It seems the Christmas traffic is definitely in town. How could I really imagine that the credit crunch would keep the (Ghanaian) tourists away? Ah well, I guess it's only fun to have some fresh blood in town. Alhough many of us actually wince as we hear them squeal to each other "HI! Are you here?! Which flight were you on? I came with BA!", (often whilst wearing boots, inappropriate for December in Ghana), it does provide a bit of entertainment and variation to every day life in Ghana. Us returnees listen to them and turn to each other saying "Please tell me I didn't behave like that a few years ago?". Funny how quickly you become a local, isn't it!

I'm avoiding the whole rush this year as it's tinted with the slight tension of the elections. Instead, I'm catching up with friends one-on-one in the comfort of my own home. After a veeeeery long appointment at the Rent Office this morning (I'm talking hours and hours) a dear friend came over for what turned into an equally long lunch/dinner. She left me with a cute story of her daughter's reaction to a bedtime story.

As she told the story of a little Ghanaian girl who grew up to be a judge and lived happily ever after, her daughter replied: "But what about a husband and a family, mummy? Did she only become a judge?

Sweet huh? A six-year old who'll not only understand the importance of a career, but already sees the value of family in addition to it.


Denise said...

Hi Maya, even more ridiculous than the boots are the accents! At this time of the year they are present too in Jamaica - somethings never change regardless of where you are uh?
True, cute story about the six year old - her Mom should remind her of this in a couple years time and see what her response is.

Maya said...

Oh my God, Denise I know! The squealing high-pitched "American" or "English" is just too much. I guess these 'diasporans' are the same all over the world.

Wil make sure to tell my friend remind little E when she's a teenager, will be very interesting...


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