Saturday, 20 December 2008

December weekend

I just found out a secret and I am so excited. A very near and dear person to me is coming to town in the next few days! The reason it's a surprise is because she's not telling her dad but will rather show up at his doorstep (Dear God, please don't let her shock him too much!). The added advantage for me is I'll be getting my lush Reese's peanut butter cups, American magazines and a few other bits and pieces, which she slyly told me she'd send in a parcel.

Other than this great news, yesterday was spent at Silverbird Cinema in the Accra Mall. We saw The Day the Earth stood Still. Let's just say, it was of the same quality as Keanu Reeves' other movies, excluding the Matrix ones, if you get my drift. After that we stopped for a brief drink at Rhapsody's and if yesterday is anything to go by, they start charging the ridiculous entrance fee at 11pm so we made it just in time at 22:50!

In true Ghana December style, I have spent today at a wedding I wasn't officially invited to (went as my mum's plus one), which started off with a service at Ridge Churc and then reception at Lababdi Beach Hotel. The decor at the reception was lovely, the couple beautiful and I guess it all went as they'd planned, including the ridiulous wedding poses they stood for for photos. Oh dear, it all took me back to some very cheesy photos I saw at a wedding fair in Croyson several years ago.

Now we're off to the National Theatre for a Night of 1007 laughs. Have a good Saturday!

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patrick said...

Maya,i think this a so called 3rd world behavior..i have seen this specially in most part of south east Asia ie..India ete..peace .


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