Friday, 12 December 2008

Experiencing Ghana

Although I've been visiting Ghana since 1980 (not that I remember much of the first visits), before moving here three years ago, I sometimes realise I haven't experienced very normal Ghanaian things. For example, I got on a trotro for the first (and so far, only) time in March/April this year. I felt so stupidly touristy as I kept asking my travelling partner about everything: how do we know when to get off, when do you pay, how do you know the price of a ticket, what if they've increased the price, etcetera, etcetera!

Today I'm once again going to experience new Ghanaian grounds - I am going to Abogbloshie market! Yes it may be the least glamourous market (as if glamourous and market are two words that should ever be paired) but this is where I hear you get the cheapest fruit & veg. Since I've been sending the househelp there once a fortnight and she comes back with an amazing variety of fruits, today I'm taking the opportunity to accompany my mother to these previously unseen grounds. How exciting! Unfortunately I'm still too shy a blogger to actually take pictures of the market and sellers, don't want to offend anyone, but I'll try to describe it all when I get back.
Honeymelon, watermelon, pawpaw and pineapple bought yesterday (the mango is in the fridge!

And of course I needed a good breakfast to fuel me for this exciting day, therefore what better than another plate of pancakes. Mmmmm!
I may have said it before: I truly am a domestic Goddess.


The Author said...

It's all good all your 'Columbine' explorations of Ghana. But as to your quip on markets, it brings back something I give a lot of thinking time to.

Malls like the Accra Mall are really just 20th and 21st century constructs. They are just markets, advanced markets, but still markets. So when I see peeps wear their party clothes to the market daily like it's normal, I shudder.

Maya Mame said...

Me too! It's awful seeing people dolled up to go to Sshoprite! But even worse is what the girls/women wear to the cinema. Ewurade! The sparkliest, skimpiest clothes they could find at home.

I think apart from the heat, I prefer everything else about the markets compared to the mall(s). Somehow the markets are much more naturally vibrant and positive.


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