Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Enjoying a weekend in Accra

Forgot to mention that my friend, LN, did manage to enter the country last Friday, despite my illegal immigrant status. As she was only here for the weekend, we tried and successfully managed to pack as much as possible into her stay without it being too hectic.

On Friday, after a nap for both of us (she arrived on the 5.35am flight), I drove her to Roman Ridge for her only planned meeting. As we got there a bit early we had a drink by the poolside at Mplaza. I was rather disappointed at their service and design, but after browsing their website, perhaps that's part of their appeal and adds to their security status. Maybe ensuring customers off the street are not attracted makes their special guests feel safer?

From there we headed to Tribes restaurant at Afia beach hotel for lunch, where I had the lasagne as usual...and it tasted better than ever! Then we got back to the house, relaxed a bit and worked a bit. In the evening we went for dinner with Virgo and SQB at Le Magellan, which was followed by drinks at Rhapsody's. Well, on the Rhapsody's porch. Can you believe they're charging GHc20 entrance fee per person!!! Actually what's worse is that people are paying!

After such a full-on foodian day, we started our Saturday late, with a fruit breakfast of pawpaw, pineapple and watermelon.

Then we headed to Oxford Street to buy some dresses (how come I'd never noticed the cute dresses sold on the roadside before?) and after a quick "fika" (coffee break) at Melting Moments in Cantonments, we made our way to the Poetress house in the lovely Trasacco Valley.

How better could we top the scrumptious meal and company we enjoyed there than with an evening drive to Aburi to hang out with big H and Akinyi. This brought on an interesting discussion about South Africa and the current status of racial relations there and between them and other Africans.

Sunday, being the day of rest, started with a leisurely drive to Tema to pick up Christmas decorations from my mama(!!!, more on that later...) then a trip on the beach road, through Teshie Nungua to Labadi beach. After our beach fun, we went for lunch at Buka, behind Oxford Street (it's so much fun to see a fufu&groundnut soup virgin enjoy her meal), then chilled at home before I dropped her off at the airport. The only thing we didn't have time for were the planned drinks at Holiday Inn before boarding the flight.

I think I did a good job of showing LN the best bits of Accra within 60 hours. What do you think?


Adaeze said...

Wow, I think you managed to pack a lot of activities into one single weekend. Great job, definitely. I'm looooving that dress! Want it myself :-)

posekyere said...

You make such a great friend and, of course, you are promoting Ghana's hospitality industry by this action.
With your savvy knowledge of the scenes in Accra and beyond, I suggest, you open a tour company with a B&B.
I will be one of those who will support such a move.

Maya Mame said...

Thanks Adaeze, whilst writing I became amazed by how much we managed to fit in, and yet nothing was stressful about the weekend.

Also found out that the girl who sold the dresses has them made by her sister so any time you want one, just let her know and she'll order it. When you're ready, I'll identify the stall for you!

Maya Mame said...

Posekyere, you are too kind! I would love to open a cosy b&b or hotel one day, will definitely let you know if and when it becomes a reality!

Adaeze said...

Good idea, I'll definitely support the B&B aswell ;-) The dress - How cool. I need to find a way to come to Ghana, lol.

Maya Mame said...

Yes, do! Ghana is the place to be! :)

Abena Serwaa said...

I really like this piece; makes you realise that there are quite a few lovely places to hang out at in Accra.Isn't Tribes just so eclectic? We took a group of about 30 conference participants there for a dinner last year. They loved it. Didn't know about Melting Moments and can't get over the Rhapsody cover charge! Does this charge come with a free drink?

Maya Mame said...

I know, I luuuurve Tribe! Melting Moments is down the road from Morning Star at the corner where you turn to Metro. But don't get excited about paninis or bagels, they just use butter bread for everything, lol!

The cheek was that Rhapsody's didn't give a free drink or anything at that charge, the bouncer even claimed it's the same charge if you're going to eat at the restaurant!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maya, this was a great post. I have a couple of friends coming in from Yankee this christmas and i was wondering if you could pass on some info on where to take them. I've def. got Tribes on my list. Never even knew it existed.......
Mucho gracias in advance :)

Maya Mame said...

Thanks Anon, glad to be of service.

I also recommend pizza at Twist which is inside Headlines in Labone/Cantonments on opposite side of road from Alisa Hotel, Cantonments. They serve delicious thin pizzas from 7pm. Get a lunchtime smoothie and wrap from Smoothy's on Oxford street, 150metres right of Papaye, have sushi at Monsoon and definitely have a cosy meal at Old Bob's place (drive down road by Papaye, at end turn left and as road curves right, Old Bob's is on your left), they have great food in a cosy environment.

Hope your friends enjoy themselves!

Anonymous said...

Maya, first I should congratulate you on your web blog. I have been living in Accra for a year and stumbled upon and grown to love many of the spots and eating places you mention. However, you have named some new and exciting places (will go seek out Old Bob's very soon - any night recommended please?) and others like Headlines which I know of but never bothered to investigate. Like others I am big fan of Tribes and reckon on a good Wednesday night Chester's can't be beaten, he was certainly on form last night. Will certainly be back to read more of your thoughts and experiences. Best

Maya Mame said...

Hi Andrew, and Merry Christmas!
Glad you enjoyed the post and from you comment I realise I've neglected Chester's for too long, only go there a few times a year. Will definitely go by more often, he's definitely an entertaining character!

Old Bob's is really cosy, only four or five tables so I guess it's better to go on a weekday as you're likely to get a table. Hope you also enjoy Headlines/Twist when you try it out!


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