Thursday, 11 December 2008

Mangoes, pancakes and expensive chocolates

I've had a good day. Funnily enough, finally getting the official announcement of a run-off has created a calm in me and those around me. For the first time in a week I got a full night's rest, actually woke up at seven which means I managed to sleep through the rooster (who I would shoot, marinate and grill if I had a gun) who crows from 2 a.m. but most loudly at 5.30-6.30, the crazy man who blasts r'n'b from 6 a.m. AND the disgusting man (actually it's probably the same man) who spends ten minutes clearing his throat and making the most disgusting sounds you can imagine. And to think I hear all this through closed windows and with the AC brumming away!

To get back to the point, I woke up rested, so relaxed I actually made pancakes for breakfast before getting to work. But the reason it was a good day is because I finally had my first mango in four months! As I devoured it, every sense pleasured by its succulent sweetness, I realised it had been so long I had actually forgotten just how delicious mangoes are!

On top of that, I finally got a feel of the Christmas Koala of all places! With the Christmas carols playing, over-the-top decorations and chocolate tins (Quality Street ridiculously priced at GHc28 or more!!!), combined with the cool AC temperatures I actually felt very Christmassy. Maybe the season isn't lost just yet.

The only odd occurence was the man either stalking me or coincidentially needing to look at all, I mean ALL the products I went to look at throughout the shop! He looked fairly normal, an Arabic, or possibly Lebanese man in his mid-forties, but every time he'd get close (which was all the time) he'd huff and gruff as he reached for the product. In the end it distracted me so much I quickly went to the tills and left.

Oddities, oddities!


Geri said...

The guy sounds scary. I think he was stalking you. Good thing you left.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Maya, the cretin was looking out for shoplifters. I better stop here before I'm called the X-word (and I won't say you and I should get together today and go find some suicide bombers on the Oxford Stree, no, I won't say that!)

Maya said...

The funny thing Geri is that I think he was just strange, didn't seem interested in me at all, maybe he was just "inspired" by my shopping, ha ha!

Maya said...

Ooh Nana Yaw, feeling angry, are we? ;)

He was definitely shopping for himself, saw him at the till next to mine when I was leaving (and cz of my many trips to Koala I recognise all the Koala people), think he was just a strange, strange man!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Then I apologise.


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