Monday, 1 December 2008

Illustrating the political game

As our countdown gets to 6 days (only!) left to the elections, I have to pay special tribute to Akosua who draws the comics for the Daily Guide newspaper. Throughout the year, her comic strips have entertained me. However a quick review of the archives (read: a read-through of the pile of old papers pouring over themselves by Virgo's bedside) has me wondering if her comics are following the trend of the campaigns. Going from decently and entertainingly following the goings on, to getting as dirty as the politicians themselves! See for yourselves:

Focus on the internal structure and which running mate to pick... of old leaders threatening to regain power...

...boosting one's own credentials...

...then recently, our politics reached a new low with attacks by opposing parties, some wavering waaaay outside the realms of politics and (unfortunately?) documented even in cartoon form. Brace yourselves:

So Abena, although you missed the actual talk that morning, you'll have a fair idea of in which direction it headed, but don't worry, even those of us who saw it didn't catch these gory details, they were all said off-air.

Now I can only anticipate what juicy drawings Akosua has in store for us this final week!


Qué? said...

Wow... wasn't expecting that last one.


Let's get this thing over and done with already... and (hopefully) peacefully.

Maya said...

Amen to that!

And sorry for any shock caused... :)

Abena said...

I love those Akosua cartoons! Even though the Francez vs. Kobbez one is kinda crude, it captures the whole encounter as it was purported to have happened. So I did not miss any of the gory exchange? Good to know. BTW; two different people have told me that "Akosua" is actually a guy. This can't be true because wasn't she on Kwaku one-on-one some months ago? Anyway..

Maya said...

Funnily enough just today I suspected Akosua is actually a guy, there's something...manly about the comics (how sexist of me!). And I always thought because of how she offends people she may keep such a low profile that we'd never know, but I guess not. Would love to have caught the one-on-one interview!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Erm, Maya, you know, something tells me 'Akosua' is a man.

Great piece. Makes me remember (and I will be honest here) the rubbish ads the parties (BUT MOSTLY THE NDC) are putting out there. The most inane are the one in which 'they' are prodding the elephant back into the bush,and lately the 'Mother, daughter and Cobra' disgrace of a commercial.

These have all got me cracking separating my ribs one piece of cartilage at a time.

Maya said...

Nana Yaw, I agree completely! I think the mother, daughter and cobra ad is the most disgracefully STUPID ad I've ever seen! After the elections it would be nice to make a compilation of the most ridiculous ads and maybe send out to the parties as a lesson for the next elections in 2012!


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