Sunday, 7 December 2008

Counting begins...

As I write TV3 is reporting the (unconfirmed) results from some constituencies. At first I was getting a bit concerned as the results were not in my favour (or were within too close margins for me to relax) but after a while I realised that they are simply taking results from different polling stations (there can be several hundred polling stations in a constituency), so it really doesn't say much about who will win...yet.

To take part of this historic moment I took a quick 90 second walk to my closest polling station. They had already started counting and there seemed to be a happy mood among observers, many kindly even moved to give me a better view when they saw me take my camera out. The mood seemed to be at risk of changing when the final results were counted, but rather than fight or argue over the results it seemed the winners rather teased the losers, who accepted it, heads bowed in disappointment, as they all walked home.

On our way back from a quick trip to Labone Junction for fried yam and kelewele, the roar and street celebration had already died down, after just 15 minutes. I guess we'll have a peaceful evening around this polling station at least.

Electoral Commission counting the votes

Curious observers

Observers happily rejoicing as the NDC wins this particular polling station.


Adaeze said...

how exciting! I hope for the best! I'm going to Nigeria tomorrow morning, so I won't be able to check out your blog for a while I think :( But I'm looking forward to reading up when I get the chance, lol.

Maya said...

Have a safe trip to Nigeria, hope I can give you some kind of update before you go!

posekyere said...

Bless you, Maya!

Ohmigosh! In whose direction is the electoral wind blowing?
I hope the affairs of the state end up in a safe pair of hands.
I also hope that your own political interests come true.

Thanks for keeping us informed of the elections.

Maya said...

Posekyere, it's like observing a thriller! At the moment we still don't know, it could go anyway! Very exciting but very, very scary!


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