Saturday, 27 December 2008

One year anniversary

Is it one year already?

It seems so long ago and yet time has passed so quickly since the beautiful lady of politics with her head loosely wrapped in a white scarf was assasinated a year ago. I remember how my heart leapt when I heard the news, only to be followed by the fascination that I'd reacted so strongly to the death of a person I had never met, nor envisioned meeting. But of course, there are not many fierce, headstrong and persistent women that we have as role models, especially as political leaders of countries of political instability, like Pakistan, so this unique woman was bound to affect us.

Even as a child, in another part of the world, I remember recognising the strength of Benazir Bhutto and I hope her memory lives on to encourage the children of today, especially those to become women, all over the world to continue bravely fighting injustices.

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