Wednesday, 7 May 2008


So many brand new first experiences happening today. Firstly, I have a new nephew!!! Yes, my older brother's son saw his first day of life today. Funnily enough, this time around I haven't been involved at all in the pregnancy, not asking questions and stuff so to hear that the baby was born early this morning was such a lovely surprise! Can't wait to see the little one.

Today was also the first day ever that I went on a trotro. I think I was more excited than most tourist, this was my Everest, ;). It was actually a pleasant ride, not as loud, sweaty and crowded as I imagined, but perhaps I was just lucky. Went all the way from Mataheko to Assembly Press/Novotel in Accra Central, and for only 35pesewas! A taxi journey the same distance would have cost 4-5 Ghana Cedis!

Today Virgo finally bought gas for the cooker so we unwrapped it (think I am a sucker for wrapping, was very excited about that too!) and tested it. Finally meals can be cooked in the house, no more takeaways!

The heat has been unbearable today, completely knocked me out for an hour and a half (don't worry, I was on a bed, not in traffic!). Hopefully tomorrow will be a cooler day as we get deeper into rainy season.

For now I'm going to ponder over what my newest nephew looks like and what name they'll end up giving him. Have a good evening!


Tigger said...

Grattis faster!! så kul. Här börjar det också bli varmt men mer sommar-sverige-varmt :) Är ledig och ska ut i trädgården och njuta. syrran o co åkte till USA i morse....Julia springer väl nästa gång jag träffar de. kram

Maya Mame said...

Sommar Sverige varmt ar ju underbart, tror att det blir en bra sommar efter forra arets, tja, fiasko!

Hur lange ska A o Co vara borta? Vad spannande for Julia att fa flyga for forsta gangen.

Tigger said...

DnA och J ska vara borta 3 veckor. de kommer hem precis till J:s födelsedag. hittade en fin födelsedagspresent idag. en klänning. :) kram

The Author said...

Did you take the trotro out of necessity or for sport? Is Roger acting up again? Oh, congrats on your nephew. For one moment (when you talked about not being involved in the pregnancy) I thought you had the ability to make somebody pregnant! ;-)

Maya Mame said...

I took the trotro after leaving Roger for his final spraying, you know, after the incident at the car park. But it was fun, I'm glad I've done it now, although I do realise I was lucky in the trotro I got on: no sweat, no loud radio, no heat!

As for the pregnancy, until you mentioned it I hadn't thought of it that way, funny!


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